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"From The Floor Up," Design Blog

By: Thomas Kennon, CDC Owner & Designer

Thomas Kennon,

CDC Owner & Designer

"From The Floor Up" BLOG

 By: Thomas Kennon, CDC Owner & Designer


Bring some Zen into your space with storage and organization.

Baskets: These serve as great decoration accents all round your home, as well as clutter disguises. They can be used in your foyer, under the accent table or even in your kid's room to conceal all of those new toys. The idea is to keep it clean and stylish.

Use baskets in your office to organize all your recycling materials, like newspapers and magazines. In the living room, make sure to have various comfy throws for everyone in the family. Put these away in beautiful baskets to add some texture to this area.
In the pantry you can never have too many baskets. But, make sure to mix and match their design for an added stylish accent.
Great "fan finds" from my nearest Home Goods.
Trays: This simple yet elegant object has so many uses. It can go from the bar area (where it holds all those happy hour bottles) to the bathroom counter top (to keep those new fragrances at hand).
On the office desk, place a tray to keep all those thank you notes or important bills to pay handy.
From the happy hour area to the bathroom, trays are most efficient at keeping all those important things near and ready to use. Trays of al colors, sizes, and materials. All available on your nearest HomeGoods.
Wall boards: From cork to blackboards, anything that helps you keep your day-to-day in order is a must. This modern version has small pockets at the side. How genius and versatile!
You'll find a great variety of wall boards from cork ones, blackboards or a mix of both. There are so many styles to choose from at HomeGoods and in our store, I can guarantee there is even one for you!